A Birding Adventure in Arizona’s ‘Sky Islands’

The elegant trogon, befitting its name, is clever. One can perch in a tree 10 feet overhead and draw little attention, though it’s come dressed for it, with a striking yellow beak, blush red breast topped with a white collar and metallic green back tapering, like tuxedo tails, to finely barred tail feathers...

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Advancing In Arizona: Not Just A Pretty Face

Even during a pandemic, the City has been working to make Sierra Vista a better place to live, work and play. A thoughtfully planned business district revitalization project is underway, with groundbreaking slated for later this year. Once completed, the community’s historic West End will be transformed into a budding entertainment district with amenities for pedestrians, bicyclists and outdoor events.

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Beat the pandemic blues with a day-trip to Bisbee

Jamie Verwys, Special to Tucson Local Media Apr 28, 2021 Updated Apr 28, 2021 The town of Bisbee was once one of the state’s most bustling mining towns. In fact, by the early 1900s Bisbee was the biggest city between St. Louis and San Francisco, boasting a...

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A Taste of Spring

Expand your palate with unique Arizona-made white wines Spring has sprung – and so have Arizona’s vines. We sipped and sampled our way around the state to unearth some of its most interesting white wine varietals. If you like classic chardonnay, try … Page Springs...

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Cochise Stronghold Bikepacking

Our route planning commenced the same as it usually does. I volunteered a route, Artec responded with zero active listening signs, which annoyed me, so when he suggested a route I intentionally chose not to listen. I drew part of a track I thought looked good,...

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Climb Like a Local: Cochise Stronghold

Cochise Stronghold is a jagged ridge of granite peaks and spires that rise out of the remote Dragoon Mountains in southern Arizona. About 1.5 hours southeast of Tucson, this spectacular spot offers a lifetime of remote climbing adventures. Spend a day on the...

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An Easy Hike in Ramsey Canyon in Southern Arizona

Ramsey Canyon Preserve was our hiking destination one day while we were staying in Cochise County down in southern Arizona. Ramsey Canyon abuts the Huachuca Mountains, just south of the town of Sierra Vista – way down near the Mexican border. Ramsey Canyon has...

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Arizona Tasting Rooms Making Local Wine Scene Even Sweeter

The Arizona wine scene is growing every day. Most local groceries stores and higher-end beverage stores such as Total Wine and Bevmo carry dozens of Arizona-based varietals. But it’s worth the drive, especially to Cochise County, to see the vineyards and tasting...

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Sierra Vista, AZ: Where History, Education And Nature Converge

Sierra Vista, thanks to adjacent Fort Huachuca, is woven from nearly a century-and-a-half of strategic missions, technical communications and intelligence operations. With readily available office space and buildable land, this up-and-coming community is ready to meet today’s critical demand for educated, tech-centric professionals.

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Guide to a great Cochise County experience

Surrounded by acres of land as far as the eye can see with no buildings in sight, it’s a welcome change to the bustling heavily-populated environment. In Willcox, Arizona, you may pass only a few cars on the road and buildings are few and far between. Driving to a winery in Willcox is a lengthy, but worthwhile trip. You’ll see at least a few wineries on your way and keep following the signs — they’ll guide you to turn down a seemingly endless road, and assure you’re going the right direction and a winery is ahead.

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Cochise County a Coveted Site for Moviemaking

“Arizona has always been a popular location overall for filming, second only to California, I’d say, and maybe not even second,” said Lili DeBarbieri, author of the 2014 book “Location Filming in Arizona: The Silver Screen Legacy of the Grand Canyon State.”

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Bisbee is spooky, quirky and captivating

Towns that inspire songs typically have some sort of intrinsic quality that makes them noteworthy. Given that Bisbee, Arizona, served as a muse for two of my favorite musical artists — Tucson’s Calexico and singer-songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews — I figured the old mining town probably had a few alluring qualities. When my wife, Cammie, raved about it, I was sold.

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San Pedro River is a surprising stream of history, recreation

Everything about the San Pedro River comes as a surprise. Start with its direction. The San Pedro is one of the few rivers in the world that flows north, traveling from Mexico across southern Arizona to join the Gila River. It creates a slender forest, a cool shady corridor through inhospitable desert.

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12 Things to Do and See in Bisbee

JANESSA HILLIARD | JUNE 19, 2014 | 9:00AM Jackalope Ranch is hitting the road this summer -- and you're coming, too. Well, sort of. With Going Places, our writers recommend the best things to do and see during your travels. A picturesque tiny town with a history as...

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