Military History

Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista will give you a great example of western military history. Home to the venerated Buffalo Soldiers, Fort Huachuca is one of the most important military outposts in the American Southwest. Much of Arizona’s history of conflicts and victories can be relived here. Enjoy Fort Huachuca’s museums* with displays of the Apache WarsPershing's expedition and much more.

Fort Bowie National Historic Site was the staging ground for U.S. soldiers who pursued Geronimo, deep into the hills of the Chiricahuas. And you won't want to miss Cochise Stronghold, where you can explore the rocky nooks and mountain hideaways of the legendary Apache leader Cochise. The U.S. Cavalry often chased him, and this is the land in which he hid. Native American folklore also says he’s buried here.

*Note: Fort Huachuca is an active military installation. Visitor passes for U.S. citizens are available at the front gate with a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, proof of vehicle insurance or rental agreement. Each passenger age 16 and older must also have a photo ID. Fort Huachuca is occasionally closed for maneuvers. International visitors are not permitted access, unless they are sponsored and escorted by authorized personnel.

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