Hummingbird Banding sessions in Cochise County

As summer approaches, hummingbirds migrate through the San Pedro River corridor in Cochise County. The hummingbirds fly thousands of miles on their annual migratory routes, and Sierra Vista has been named the hummingbird capital of the U.S. for the species that have been spotted here.

Hummingbird banding sessions are conducted by the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory. The  sessions are held regularly at the San Pedro House and at the Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast in Hereford.

Below, a scientist measures a hummingbird. Photo courtesy of City of Sierra Vista

A Scientist Measures a Hummingbird (c) City of Sierra Vista

While the primary purpose of banding sessions is for scientific research purposes, they blend fun with education, leaving you captivated with your experience. Up to 10 species of hummingbirds use the green corridor of the San Pedro River as a freeway between their tropical winter retreats and their northern nesting grounds.

Seventeen of the 23 documented species of hummingbirds spotted in the U.S. have been seen spotted in Sierra Vista. In addition to flying the San Pedro River corridor, hummingbirds migrate through the surrounding mountains and canyons.

If you can't watch a hummingbird banding in person, click here to watch a hummingbird banding video on the Sierra Vista website.

To find details about the hummingbird banding times and locations, please see the events calendar on the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory’s website.

Check the Cochise County website for year-round birding information, including festivals, guides, and birding hot spots.