Cool Arizona: Go South!

© Arizona State Parks Kartchner Caverns State Park®  Photo by: Noelle Wilson.Go underground at Kartchner Caverns or in a mine tour. The average temperature inside Kartchner Caverns is about 70 degrees. Insulated by layers of earth, caves are naturally cooler. While you’re cooling off, you’ll be exploring Kartchner -- one of the world’s top 10 living caves. How cool is that? Throne Room tours show amazing stalactites and stalagmites that took thousands of years to form. You can see these formations on tours that last about an hour. If you would like to camp this summer, you might want to take advantage of Kartchner Caverns' 2012 special. They are offering a free night of camping ($25 value) with the purchase of 2 adult tour tickets.
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Photo by Noelle Wilson (c) Arizona State Parks

More underground attractions include the Queen Mine Tour in Bisbee and the Good Enough Mine Tour in Tombstone. Both take you into actual mines where precious metal was extracted. The Queen Mine produced copper, vital to the nation's electricity, and the Good Enough Mine produced silver. Both were rich and productive. And both will make you cool as a cucumber! Part of the Queen Mine Tour is a cool 47 degrees Fahrenheit year-round!
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Get high... in elevation! The lowest elevations in Cochise County start at around 3,000 feet. Many of the peaks top out above 7,000 feet. That means you're apt to find cool nights and crisp summer air. Mountain ranges include the Dragoons between Benson and Willcox, Mules where Bisbee sits, Whetstones where Kartchner Caverns is located, Chiricahuas, between Douglas and Willcox, the Huachucas in Sierra Vista, Dos Cabezas near Willcox and more. You’ll find lots of recreational opportunities like hiking and birding in Cochise County’s mountains and near the San Pedro River!
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