Arizona Wine Travel Card

If you're planning a wine tasting trip in Cochise County (or any part of Arizona), you might want to invest a measly $20 for the Arizona Wine Travel Card. Vineyards in Cochise County and around the state are offering the discount card. It's good until December 31, 2013 and can be purchased at locations throughout Willcox wine country, at participating merchants and online.

Participating vineyards in Cochise County

All Cochise County vineyards sell the cards at their tasting rooms. The card gives you some great discounts! Participating vineyards with tasting rooms in the Willcox area offer at least 20% off their tasting fee ($5-$10). And if you purchase wines from the participating wineries, they'll also give Arizona Wine Travel Card holders 10% to 15% off the purchase of wines.  Check out the participating vineyards on the Willcox wineries page on the Arizona Wine Travel Card webiste.

Want to know more about participating vineyards, attractions, hotels, and restaurants? Visit for more information.

And for information on wineries in Cochise County, visit our Vineyards page!