Spooner's Oasis & Arboretum

9210 Miracle Way
Hereford, AZ 85615
Oasis and Arboretum

Imagine 300 trees of 260 varieties, with more perennial and annual plants than you can shake a shovel at, including an annual planting of over 10,000 spring and summer flowering bulbs. an avid gardener, has a passion for all things botanical. Carefully orchestrated garden paths lead visitors down far more than the proverbial primrose lane. Flowering plants from around the world like clematis and evergreens, with one area devoted exclusively as a desert garden with many varieties of southwestern cacti and succulents, grow in harmony here. Allow 1 hour. Guided tours. Reservations required.

Oasis and Arboretum
Reservations required.

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Miracle Valley, just south of Sierra Vista.

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