Wildlife watching at Sunglow Ranch

The lake at Sunglow Ranch called my name. I walked outside my casita early that morning. Geese regularly hang out there, and four were wading their webbed feet into the lake’s edge that morning.

With no other sign of human life, I sat down to enjoy the stillness and beauty. I snapped a few pictures of the scenery. The sun was just about to peek over the mountain. The geese paid me no mind, and I stretched my arm to catch their profiles.

Peering into the camera screen for the best angle, something rustled nearby. I looked up and saw this:

Baby deer and geese

I’m amazed I had the presence of mind to follow the fawn and depress the camera button. The image is blurry, but I’m happy to have caught it!

Here’s another picture with the geese in the foreground. If you look closely, you can see the baby deer in the grass on the other side of the lake in the background.

geese in foreground, baby deer in backgroundLater, a blue heron swooped in to join the geese, and an adult deer ventured close to the lake.

adult deer and great blue heron

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