2014 July Fourth Celebrations in Cochise County

Sierra Vista’s Pets & People Promenade
Proud owners show off their pets in Sierra Vista’s Fourth Annual Pets & People Promenade. Even cows, chickens, and sheep promenaded Veterans’ Memorial Park last year. Join Sierra Vista residents and visitors in this unique event that started as a family friendly gathering. The 2-day Fourth of July celebration will also include Fort Huachuca military displays, a “Salute to the Union” ceremony, arts & craft vendors, entertainment, and fireworks, weather permitting. On July 3, a youth talent show and street dance will be held.

A bulldog in the Pets & People Promenade (c) Ty Holland

Bisbee’s Contests: Coaster Races, Mucking & Drilling
Powered by gravity alone, coasters glide through Bisbee’s Tombstone Canyon as they vie for first place in the annual event. Later in the day, the mucking and drilling contests get underway with contestants using their physical strength in re-created mining activities. An annual parade will be held in Bisbee’s Warren district.

Bisbee Coaster racer photo (c) Doug Hocking

Benson’s Water Fight
Each year on July Fourth the Benson Fire Department holds its annual water fight – a reverse tug of war of sorts. Stand close enough, and you can enjoy the cool spray as two teams use fire hoses to move a barrel that has been suspended from an overhead wire. This is something kids look forward to every year when they can cool off in the mud and not get in trouble for it!

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